5 ways to make your teenage child more responsible

Every parent of a teenager often wonders how to support their adolescent offspring in making the right, mature life decisions. The problem is that we look at our teenager as at an adult, and we see features that do not fit the image of a responsible adult at all.

Lack of independence, spending long hours in front of a computer or telephone screen and the constant lack of money are the reasons for frustration and conflict at home most often cited by parents.

Fortunately, there are ways out of this situation. One of them might be finding a job using the PTjob application.

What are the main benefits of your child getting such an occupation?

1. Independence allows people to take responsibility for themselves

PTjob application makes it easy for your child to find contacts and temporary job offers. Earlier - when we wanted to suggest to our child earning some extra money for their own needs, we had to either create tasks in our own household or ask neighbours if anyone needed any help. Now every young person, whenever they feel the need and have a moment of free time, can turn on the application and look for opportunities to earn extra money in their area.

2. The satisfaction with a well completed job builds self-esteem.

Self-reliance and appreciation of a well done job confirms the young person’s conviction of own worth as an almost adult person. The possibility to find a job, for which he/she can receive not only a fair payment, but also a high grade, makes a teenager feel that he/she has a real impact on his/her life and shows him/her the opportunities that lie ahead.

3. Better organisation,

A wise mane once said: “if you do not find time to complete all the scheduled tasks, take an extra job.” When parents require help from adolescents, it often clashes with some their plans, but when a young person schedules activities on his/her own, he/she often manages to find time for everything. Additionally, a more filled calendar results in giving up such activities as spending long hours on browsing social media, which itself is a huge value.

4. Independence,

It is frustrating that adolescents are mostly nice to their parents when they need money. The parents then feel used and deceived because they would expect kind words on other occasions as well. If a young person finds something to do and earns money himself/herself, parents will have the opportunity to praise him/her for what will help build a good relationship without tensions. Parents will see a young adult in their child, and the child will see in the parents someone other than just a cash supplier.

5. Thinking about the future,

Often, by encouraging young people to become more involved in learning, we argue this pressure with the need to be more involved in thinking about the future. Thinking about the future, young people should learn maths and foreign languages, be on time at school and attend all classes. However, young people usually see this issue in a completely different way than adults. Finding an additional job with PTjob, a young person learns that to have money, they must have a job, and the work must be done well! We would risk saying that it is more valuable knowledge than the entire periodic table of elements 🙂