5 tips for travelling on a shoestring

Travelling and spending large amounts of money do not always have to go hand in hand. All you need is a little bit of creativity and access to modern technologies to discover the world. Travelling on a shoestring allows globetrotters to live their dreams whilst spending as little as possible. This is good news for their bank managers and paves the way to a world of adventures.
We have some practical advice to get you started.

1. Hitch-hiking is the most popular method for travelling on a budget and an excellent opportunity to meet fascinating and interesting individuals.

It is much safer to hitch-hike with a companion. It is also a good idea to have some cardboard and a marker pen handy, just in case you change your plans. Drivers who give lifts to hitchhikers are unanimous in stating that they stop for people who seem trustworthy. Well, a rucksack and a broad smile will go a long way here. And one also has to be careful when accepting lifts from drivers. For example, avoid drivers who exceed the speed limit.

Image of three happy coffee men colleagues in cafe bar working indoors using mobile phone.

2. Local work – there is no place on Earth where an additional pair of hands is not needed.

Some travellers will look for temporary jobs in bars, restaurants or other local businesses in order to shore up their budgets. This is an excellent strategy, however, there is a high risk of it not being successful. To improve your chances, use an app like PTjob, which has vacancies posted by those looking for help. This provides a direct link between workers and potential employers. And this is beneficial for both parties.

3. Remote work

Remote work – this is another idea which makes it possible to travel outside of the summer season. Copywriting, social media, graphic design or programming are only some jobs which can be done regardless of where you are. It is worth taking advantage of modern technology to work from anywhere in the world. To make sure your work is hassle free, plan your trip to places with decent internet access. And do not forget that the right workspace is also essential. Co-working comes to the rescue here. Alternatively, you may want to consider renting office space.

A man dressed in warm knitted clothes sitting in the cozy camper trunk and enjoying the mountain lake view. Warm early autumn auto traveling concept inside car pilows and blankets view image.

4. Sleeping in a car and cooking your own meals

Sleeping in a car and cooking your own meals – it is no secret that the cost of food and accommodation represents a large part of every traveller’s budget. No wonder then that sleeping in a vehicle is becoming ever more popular. And not only in a camper van. A small car can also provide comfortable sleeping conditions. Before setting off on your journey, it is a good idea to purchase a new mattress and to try out your set-up at least once. The same can be said about food. A gas stove and some vacuum packed food will certainly be cheaper than eating out. And do not forget the right kind of pots and pans to quickly stir-up delicious meals.

5. Travel by bicycle or on foot

Travel by bicycle or on foot – nobody said that you have to have a car to travel. Using trains might cost less but exploring the world on a bicycle or on your feet is a better and healthier option. For the latter, a pair of comfortable boots and a good (albeit not too large) rucksack are a must. When it comes to cycling, panniers will come in useful. Do not forget to have your bike serviced before departing. Whilst preparing to embark upon such an adventure, it is worthwhile to think about all-weather clothing, so that you can enjoy your trip come rain or wind.