3 arguments that will help you distract your teenage child from the computer

Did you know that, according to a research by NASK (Scientific and Academic Computer Network), the Internet is the only form of spending free time known to most young people. Teenagers use the Internet for an average of 4 hours and 50 minutes a day during their free time from school. On public holidays, weekends or summer holidays, this indicator increases and amounts to an average of 6 hours and 10 minutes. This means that young people spend practically every free moment in social media, watching a false, filtered world, comparing themselves to others, stimulating their brain and destroying their eyesight with blue light. The lack of immunity and back problems, difficulties in communication, insomnia, exasperation and depression are just some of the long list of consequences of such a situation.

Therefore, it is worth looking for arguments that can help to get our children out of the net. If you don't have any others, try these:

1. Money may not bring happiness, but life is sad without it

Create a profile on PTjob with your teenage child, browse the offers in the area with him or her. When your teenager sees that he or she can earn his/her dream gadget, speaker or shoes within just a few hours, he/she will become interested in the topic. Of course, as a parent, give a lift to your teenager to work and meet his/her employer, but if your child is interested in earning money, that's good. Even if he/she wants to earn money for a new phone, the working time is still time spent away from the screen, and after earning one whim - your teenage child will want to earn another.

2. Young people on the Internet are looking for both emotions and peace of mind.

The games do not nag, complain, they accept. Social media allows you to dream that they look like this too, and can have this life too. When a teenager finds a job with the PTjob application, firstly he/she has a reason to leave the house, secondly finds a job that pays off, thirdly gains funds for his/her needs, fourthly he/she can get a high grade for the work and tell parents that he/she has shown independence, responsibility, diligence and resourcefulness. It deserves praise at home :)

3. Making an independent decision about own space and life is very important to a young person.

This is the moment when they learn to build their own independence, but also get to know their limits and how to defend them. If your parents do not let you leave the house - they will let you go to work, if you do not want to clean your room - mow your neighbour’s lawn, and from 200 zlotys earned, give 50 zlotys to your younger sister - she will clean your room for you. That's what big business is all about - everyone gains and everyone does some work. It is worth to start learning this from an early age. And the feeling of having an impact on your own life and making own decisions is priceless 🙂